Monday, February 14, 2011

Goatcult Perversion #1 (2008)

Goatcult Perversion #1 (2008)
52 page, A4, pro-print, English

Almighty Emperor, Archaic Argot, Ars Macabra, Benatnash, Bestial Atrocity, Blood Division, Camos, Decayed, Denouncement Pyre, Evilwar, Goatpenis, Impetigo, Impetus Malignum, Infernal, Megaera, Morbosidad, Necroholocaust, Necrosexual Rites, Pagan Rites, Profanatica, Sadomator, Satanic Rites, Sodomizer, Teratism, The True Endless, Tenebrion, Vultur

A pro-printed zine from Germany and my copy is hand-numbered 270/500. Marco (editor) is assisted with some contributors such as Manuel (Sadogoat Perversion Zine) and Martin Lazarte (Explosion Cerebral Zine) for the interviews and Melanie Wenserowski for the artwork. He used frame artwork, layout using 2 columns per page but some are 3 columns which is quite chaotic for me reading them. Interviews are short and the questions are the 'easy' type except for Martin where on some interviews the questions are a bit more interesting. I already read Sadogoat Perversion Zine. The interview featured here can also be found in Manuel's own zine. I think not many people have the chance like I did (having both Goatcult Perversion #1 and Sadogoat Perversion #1). So I dont think it’s a problem having same interview in different zines. This issue is dedicated to I.Niger (ex-Murder Rape) which committed suicide by shooting his head. Issue 2 already out (which I have bought) and the 3rd and final issue might be out now.

c/o Marco Roch,
Heuberg 31,
91567 Herrieden,
Bavaria, Germany


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