Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Asylum Industries Music #1 (2005)

Asylum Industries Music #1 (Oct. 2005)
16 pg, xerox, A5, English

Amethyst, Langsuyr, Suicidal

When I traded some stuff with the editor, he was kind enough to give me some copies of this now-defunct newsletter. The layout is terrific, very creative and looks professional. The xerox quality is excellent. Laser! I only wish the arrangement can be made better because it look a bit 'chaotic'. Example; you read Suicidal, Langsuyr, back to Suicidal, Amethyst, some band bio and back to Langsuyr and Amethyst. They have a table of content but page are not numbered, which is forgivable for small publication like. Only a small problem when you are asked "continue to page.." but there are no page number. And also putting some intro before the interview will be nice too. Beside interview they also have section called "Promoboard" (info on new bands and bio): Nefarious Azarak, Suicidal, Sicksociety, Netherealm, Neferty, Everlasting Tales, Carnivora, A Good Day For Killing, Astray, Angma. Good newsletter project really. Sad, it is not alive now.

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