Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Death Attack #1 (2004)

40 page, A4, xerox, Malay

Catacomb, Tasyim, Kherow, Violator, Crystal Tears, Humiliated Grapes, Effluvium

Violator, Mytra, Mukhong, Catacomb, Damokis, Scent of Death, Korihor, Koma, Anguish

I've searched the local distro for zine they have on sale. So Metal Zone informed me about Death Attack and I quickly wired the money for a copy each of the first & second issue. There's not many good Malay-written zine around. I must say that this debut issue is quite good considering its their first issue. Not much to complain on the layout, nicely done "desktop publishing software" way @ computer layouted except for the page that used 4 columns per page. Don't know why, but I dont like to look at it haha. Xerox quality can be improved though. Although they have table of content but no page number which is not the way it should be. The content are 100% in Malay except for Effluvium interview which is in Malay. I think it is better if it is translated in Malay. Other section they have in the zine; "Metallik Attack", news section and 13 pages of news (separated to local and international news) which is too much for me; "Rebiu Metallik", "rebiu" is review in Malay. The reviews are grouped together (CD, etc) and not in alphabetical order; "Skolah Lame", that's direct translation of 'old-school'. Reviews of some old local stuff (including rock bands); "Militant Metallik", band bio section. I bought this around mid 2009. I didn't asked the date of release though so this one is outdated but probably Metal Zone have some copies for sale. In case you are interested to have a copy or send in promo, check out their myspace for more detail.


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