Monday, November 16, 2009

Chaos #12 (2003)

80 page, A4, pro-print, English

Krisiun, Blood Red Throne, The Crown, Vomitory, Setherial, Grosteque, Kataklysm, Eternal Lies, Callenish Circle, Immolation, Maze of Torment, Nail Within, Hearse, Fragments of Unbecoming, Necrophobic, Neuraxis, Dimension Zero

My first issue of this mag starts with issue #13. That issue totally blow me away! When I know issue #14 is on sale, I asked Shenck (the editor) for back issue and to my luck #12 is still available (and also save on postage when buying 2 copies, #14 & #12 at the same time). So I am now reviewing the old issue after reading the new one. Issue 12 is the 10th anniversary so it means it is quite special issue for them. There's a page featuring the front cover of all the issues released, good for us to know some history of mag. If you seen the layout for the issue after #12, this is kind of a letdown hehe. The layout for the interview are OK but for the review, its the boring style column by column on white background which we can do using MS Word. But still, the interviews are as interesting as usual. As you can see from the band featured here, the mag is more into DM. Another interesting part of the mag is the reviews are separated by genre, not by format like most of the mag/zine do. The reviews are separated to Black Zone (black metal), Death Zone, Grind Zone, Thrash Zone (unfortunately metalcore is grouped in this zone) and my favorite "Hail To Sweden" (all stuff from Sweden). Since Sweden produce great bands in almost all metal genre, the decision to put all reviews in one section is good and not to forget, very original idea too. Whether its true or not, there's 666 reviews in this issue! This issue also comes with 2 free CD sampler (from Displeased Records & Voice of Life Records). Normally the sampler comes separately but here, 2 page (1 for each sampler) dedicated for this sampler with some info and the CD is glued to it. So this will make it hard for the news stand or distro if they want to sell them separately haha. At the time of this review is made, issue #15 is already out!

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