Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Death Attack #2 (2005)

48 page, A4, xerox, Malay

Catarrh, Antacid, Sailendra, Dosa, Rengkong Tekeluaq, Samartary, Abhorence, Farasu, Destroyer666, In Torment, Neruka, The Sick, Beast Petrify, Nrocinu, Torch, Impiety

Argon, Talisman, Noiratasya, Maar, The Legion, Zubirun, Disinter, Internal Suffering, Dark Rival

The second issue, released in 1 year time frame after the debut. But unfortunately no more issues coming out after this but don't be dissappointed. I got SMS from the editor saying the work for 3rd issue will start in Oct. 09. The news is also up in the myspace at the time of this review being made. So it took 4 or 5 years to release the third issue. What are they been doing all this while? I found that they also write in local rock magazine (they come with intie of metal bands) which is cool. Other than that I dont know. About the second issue, layout-wise it almost the same like the debut issue. Some improvement here is there's TOC (table of content) and with page number, the news section (or called "Info Metallik") have been reduced to 5 page only and the addition of "Media Massa Metal" (zine review). Other than that, there's still "Rebiu Metallik" (done like before, all format gathered in 1 section) but renamed "Militant Attack" to "Metallik Warrior" (band bio section, probably it was changed because there's a band here with that name). No improvement on the xerox quality though. In issue #1, they requested for article from readers. They give the guideline or the topic the article should be based on (but I don't know how to translate that in English hehe) but I dont see that here. Probably no response from the readers. As replacement they put some other article which is quite OK. Its hard to find article written in metal zine as opposed to punk zine. Maybe metalheads dont like to think?? Or too drunk to think? haha. Well, this issue is already 4 years old. Some bands already not active now. You can either get this or wait for new issue but spending few RM for this issue will not harm your wallet.


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