Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crypts Of Eternity #2 (2008)

32 pages, A5, pro-printed, English

Drawn And Quartered, Embalmed Souls, Karnarium, Necrocultus, Cianide, Slugathor, Dead Congregation, Bloody Sign, Unconsecrated, Sargatanas

Voids Of Vomit, Invidious, Hatespawn

This issue is twice bigger than their debut issue and also the size is slightly bigger than A5 (but not sure what to write so I wrote A5). Some feedback they got after announcing in issue 1 that the zine is for death metal is some fucker accusing them as "closed minded". Hahaha. That are some of thing they wrote in the editorial (which is longer this time). Beside that they inform the zine will be released twice a year. Well, I don't mind buying them as long as the content is interesting. It still maintain the layout format like issue 1, the fonts, the columns style. There are some news but perhaps just to fill up space. There is a page on DISTORTED HARMONY RECORDS, sort a tribute page with the front cover of the releases (they release now consider kult 7" like Carcass Live '91 and Thou Shalt Suffer, among the few). Again, this issue is also recommended!!

Crypts Of Eternity
P.O.Box 25,

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