Monday, August 10, 2009

Crypts Of Eternity #1

16 pages, A5, pro, English

Headhunter DC, Mortem, Repugnant, Kaamos

Unaussprechlichten Kulten, Backyard Mortuary

I got this issue by trade with Api Fanzine editor and he warned me about the size of this zine. But after reading a good review in Voices of The Darkside I don't hesitate and agree to have the zine. And yes, I'm not dissappointed although it is 16 pages thick but made profesionally printed. Even with the small amount of page, they put table of content. The zine starts with a short editorial, describing the purpose of the zine. If you read the name of the band's interviewed, you know they are into death metal and they are really DM maniac! The interviews are well made and very in depth and really interesting to read. They really know their stuff. The layout is clean, two column per page and got frame (not artwork frame), using unconventional font type (not New Times Roman, etc). The font type is okay, its readable but when used in all capital letter, I get some hardtime in understanding it (for example that band's name Unaussprech.. i hope it got it right). The reviews are separated to several parts (Demo, vinyl, Cd, etc) but the reviews are rather short and no rating. Well, you finish this zine in no time and once you do, you badly want their next issue. Fortunately for me, I got 2 issues in 1 shot haha. For you, support this "small" underground jewel.

Crypts Of Eternity
P.O.Box 25,

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