Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nordic Vision #11 (1997)

52 pages, magazine, English

Dark Funeral, War, Sadus, Willow Wisp, Satyricon, Cannible Corpse, Gorgoroth, Gehenna, Krabathor, Immortal

One day in the office I sat doing nothing, just staring at monitor, waiting time to pass by and go home. Suddenly some memories from my school years came in my mind. Then I remembered some of the earliest zine/mag which I bought via "well-hidden cash in letter". Haha. Some lonely fuxx I am. Then i googled for Nordic Vision. Fortunately they have a great website, with info and screen shot of the previous issues. The first issue I bought is issue #5, then 7,8 & 9. For the first time I confess, from this mag I get to know Sabbat (Japan) although it is just in the news section (with Gezol picture on it). That picture of Gezol with leather underwear hooked me into searching more info about them and become crazy on Sabbat. Enough for the nostalgic moment. Great to know Melankol-X still alive and have this mag running (he stop his activity for a while though). This is very old issue but still available from their official distro in Asia; Ludah Prod of Indonesia. Postage sucks. 1 issue is almost USD15 including postade. In this issue, the layout is not as fancy like most of pro-mag today but I have no problem with that. I know the band featured here are "superstar" and you can get to see them in most mainstream magazine. What I like the most with the mag is the interviews with the Norwegian bands are really interesting. The choice of bands are also varied, from black to death and Willow Wisp?? That's a weird band to be featured in here. There are also reviews on demos, album and zine. Some reviews are short and some just have title of the release. Maybe because the stuff is too boring and waste of time by typing the review. This issue is now sold out but few copies might still be available from Ludah Prod.

Nordic Vision
P.O.Box 285,
1451 Nesoddtangen,



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