Monday, December 22, 2014

Metal Storm #2 (2007)

Metal Storm #2 (2007)
101 pg, full size, pro-printed, English

Destruction, Witchtrap, Avenger Of Blood, Nocturnal, At War, Trench Hell, Bestial warlust, Infinitum Obscure

Editor of Api zine text me about some zine he's going to order and I chipped in for some issues of Metal Storm and Snakepit. The zine is slightly larger than A4 and damn heavy.

I couldn't find the contact address of this great zine except email. Quite surprise to see some hand-written message on the last page. Not sure if the editor a.k.a Hellthrasher do this in all 250 copies.

The zine have table of content, the pages are numbered. The layout is in cut n paste style with lots of cool pictures on the background.

The article on Lost Angeles thrash metal, the editor used the alphabet from band logo for the text of the article. Example, the letter P is taken from P from Possessed Logo. Total of 10 pages on this article and with lots of picture. I like this a lot.

The editor put lots of pictures on the gig report. The gig reports are among the best one I've read. It tells about the journey to the venue, the crowd, the bands and the setlist and short interviews of the fans attending the gig. There are also pictures of metalheads buying issue #1.

The reviews are rated out of 10. There are only 4 reviews but they are the lengthiest review I ever seen. Some review are of small font size and 2 pages long.

My copy hand-numbered #214.



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