Monday, December 22, 2014

Burning Churches #9 (2012)

Burning Churches #9 (2012)
32pg, A4, xerox, English

Crown Ov Horns, Hekseri, Black Torment, Quintessence, Imperial Tyrants, Manzer, Wartillery, Sigh, Bestial Hordes

I miss out issue #8. I hope I can find one soon to fill the gap. This issue differs a bit because it starts with DVD reviews. The layouts are pretty much the same. The pages are not numbered but there is a table of content. The reviews are longer this time but they are still not rated.

This issue is called "The Cursed Issue" because some of the bands cancel the interview after they agree to be interviewed in the first place. I experienced this few times in the past but personally this is better than the bands that are keeping themselves in silence after getting the interview, not knowing whether they will reply or not. Even worse, not replying when we ask about the interview. Suddenly I remembered that 'Fuck Off' list that Sangwitok or Metalwarpage did. 

It is amazing to know Sigh still answer fanzine. I thought they are a bit mainstream lately. Can't remember how many times I saw Mirai & Dr. Mikannibal in Terrorizer or Metal Hammer. You know, the zine still keep it tradition by having the band's discography and Sigh is probably the longest one ever in the zine history.

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