Monday, December 22, 2014

Doomsday Testament MMXI

Doomsday Testament MMXI
116pg, A5, xerox, English

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Hetroertzen, Tomhet, Kaosritual, Celestial Bloodshed, Sons Of Fenris, Horns, Wod

I bought this from some metalhead in NWN. Thanks! Layout wise I am impressed. 2 columns per page, frame art, using untraditional font type, small font size, clear laser printing, table of content available, have page number. Everything just fits nicely in A5 size format (folded A4 size actually).

Those artworks for the border/frame made by them too which show the editor is also quite talented (plays in Hetroertzen too). Empty spaces filled with drawings, occult symbols, runes and pictures. It is like looking at some medieval/ancient book.

I am also entertained with the interviews which have some interesting questions. The interviews are called "Immoral Conversations" Some are not straight forward questions. Fortunately the bands answer it well. Amazingly the questions are not repeated. Every band is asked different set of questions. That is crazy amount of time to make those long questions. For your information, the interviews are divided to 3 parts (copying the info stated in the zine):
i) Black Metal Audio Devastation (music)
ii) What is important (deeper discussion on the bands)
iii) The Carcinogenic Human Side (on superficial matters)

The reviews are rated out of 6 where 6 are the highest. The stuff will be reviewed and rated in all aspect of the release (lyrics, music, and artwork) or the overall feelings on the releases. Also includes 'best track' from the editor point. I am surprised to see one review with just 1 star.

Other content of this zine: 6 pages on flyers, some rip off list and article (Occult Writings as mentioned by the editor)

The Occult Writings for this issue is "The Swastika and Sauvastika in Germanic Tradition"
-with diagrams, pictures, detailed explanation including footnotes like a formal book or your final year thesis. 34 pages on this subject. I think this article have more pictures than the one in they contribute in Abgrundjabokiz - Ainaz MMVII.

My copy hand-numbered XXII/33. So I guess only 33 copies made? I am really looking forward for the new issue of this zine. Upon googling the web, found out this issue printed exclusively and for sale in Arosian Black Mass. No website available. The closest you can find some info are in some forum including NWN.

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