Monday, December 22, 2014

Antichrist #11 (2011)

Antichrist #11 (2011)
48 pg, A4, pro-print, English

Ares Kingdom, Anal Vomit, Sojaruun, Autumnal Reaper, Bloody Sign, Nalrage, October Falls, Incantation, Savage Machine, Deiphago, Ophis, Disfigured Dead, Dissidium, Asphyx, Inferno, Nuclear Hammer, Hell Torment, Desta Porcina, Adversarial, Grave Desecrator, Forgotten Path Zine, Scorhed Earth

I like metal magazine when you open the first pages, they 'greet' you with picture of topless ladies. #11 continues the tradition of having pictures of topless lady holding the magazine.

As usual, Antichrist present interviews with lots of band and fortunately in this issue all are in English. The layout pretty much the same like the previous issues. 3 columns per page computer layout with black or dark background. It lack of consistency of the font size but probably the editor would like all to fit in just 48 pages so you will see some interview having bigger or smaller font size to maximize or maximize the usage of space on the paper. Some interviews are short but enough for me as introduction to Ukrainian metal scene.

Reviews are plenty. All are alphabetically arranged and rated (with 100% as highest score). There is section on 'past year stuff reviews' for those released in 2010 or earlier and not to forget, the infamous 'last breath reviews' (as the editor named it). The zine reviews are not rated.


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