Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ave Satan #1 (2010)

Ave Satan #1 (2010)
40 pg, A4, xerox, English

Prosanctus Inferi, Mantak, Ex-Inferiis, Deiphago, Chaos Baphomet, Trench Hell, Demon Throne, Pek, Almighty Sathanas, Necrovomit, Black Grail, Witchtomb, Embraced of Thorns, Denounce Pyre

Good debut issue. The editor choses cut n paste style (with no table of content and no page number), or can also be called 'tear and paste' because you can the paper are being tear which is quite original. Big size zine in cut n paste do look great especially when the xerox quality is excellent! The zine have no editorial section, it starts directly with zine reviews. Black Grail is the longest interview here. Trench Hell's interview looks like "unfinished" or maybe it is a complete interview but with no 'last word'. Embrace of Thorns interview is a bit hard to read for those having eyesight problem. Actually the interviews are all good. Interesting questions are asked which cover various topics, not just on the band's releases and their activities. Just sometime the arrangement of text is quite strange but I take that as puzzle game (I have to match or search which piece of paper that supposed to have the answer to the question. I think I have connected them right) which is quite fun.

Reviews (zine and vinly) are not grouped in one section. You will see some reviews after the interview. Some reviews start with French and some are in full French language. There is also a review of Mantak's Diabolical Psycholust LP which is released by the editor's @ Alexandre's label, Chalice of Blood Angel.

There's a pin-up poster of Necroholocaust on the centre spread page but not on separate sheet. It is a pity I can put them on my wall. I don’t want to damage the zine since are there interview of Almighty Sathanas in both backside of the paper.

I found email of Hail to Cruelty (some band made a short scene report in the interview with email addresses) but it's not working.

This is limited to 200 copies and not hand-numbered. No contact address written but it is available from Chalice of Blood Angel Production (of course!).


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