Friday, October 1, 2010

Crypts Of Eternity #3 (2009)

Crypts Of Eternity #3 (2009)
48 page, A5, pro-print, English

Intrust, Fenebrarum, Voids of Vomit, Blaspherion, Godless, Graveyard, Ignivomous, Gorephobia, Drowned, Necrovation, Godless Rising, Hatespawn, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Impetous Rage

Putrid, Profaner

This issue keeps the format of issue #2 including the size. So it is slightly bigger than A5. They still use the same font type used since issue #1. More pages of death added and this will surely pleased those underground death metal maniacs. With more pages now, I think it is wise to have a table of content although now (at the time doing this review) I think TOC is not really important although it can make the publication look organized and professional.

They requested not to call this zine "old school death metal zine". Clearly that tagline limiting the coverage of the zine and they preferred to be called as only "death metal zine". And yes, the zine and the band interviewed are true pure death metal because they despise Kratornas and Mantak (both are black metal bands by the way, if you still dont know). Really great to read those honest comment.

Review section (in alphabetical order and not rated) covers vinyl, CD and DVD as well as some demo (some are available for sale, do ask them). More reviews this time though. Ricardo also have added new "staff", Victor L. Miranda of Putrescense Records. The reviews with initial VM is him.

There are also gig report on the centerfold. 3 pages, very lenghty review and tiring my eyes reading them.

Seriously, not much I can say. Another well done issue!

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