Friday, October 15, 2010

Cryptic Liturgy #1 (2009)

Cryptic Liturgy #1 (2009)
64 page, A5, xerox, English

Deceased, Gammacide, Enforcer, Deathronation, Nunslaughter, Violator, Witchtrap, Mandatory, Vortex, Chronic Torment

Good debut issue, it seems like the editor have some experience doing a zine. Interviews are interesting to read, layout are made in cut n paste style and also use some font that give an ancient feeling while reading it. No reviews though but the editor have made lots of columns where some stuff is being reviewed there.

Those columns are in no particular order: "Underground Church" (10 underground masterpiece according to the editor). "Buried & Forgotten" (as the editor said "underrated & underestimate treasure of metal". The name of this column will make you imagine some old 80's or 90' stuff being reviewed like other zine is doing. Not really 'old' because there's an album released in 2004 like Cauldron Black Ram's "Skullduggery") and lastly "The Eyes of Horror" (a horror movie review).

Beside all that, editor made "Cryptorium", a column featuring front cover artwork. Not sure how this column work and what are the criteria used to choose the artwork. Maybe the artwork is chosen because its looks cool? For this issue feature some front cover from 80's to 90's releases.

Also featured here some live report around Bochum, Essen & Oberhausen.

Certainly this is not an average debut issue and worth supporting.



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