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Nordic Vision #1-2008 (2008)

Nordic Vision #1-2008 (2008)
80 page, A4, pro-print, English

Craft, Amok, Beastcraft, Strange Dolls (Beth Robinson), Leviathan, Enslaved, Kill, Tyrant syndicate, Aura Noir, Xploding Plastix, Satyricon, SunnO)))

Actually the size slightly bigger than A4. Anyway, this issue came out after 8 years since the last issue released. We certainly think that the editor quit the scene or stay "low profile". But they are back now.

For the old readers of this mag, you will surely be surprised with this new issue. Nordic Vision have changed (evolve?) to something different, that looks "un-metal" on the layout department. Also look at the front cover, Frost is smiling (normally metal would look fierce or macho on photoshoot haha).

This time, gone all the fancy looking layout which we usually see in a music magazine. What you can see here layout that looks like a journal, very clean and normal looking (or boring to some). Picture here will normally take a one full page and I thinks this is kind of good and original too.
Even the editor is using different name now (real name, I assume).

Old follower of this mag might be dissappointed. No more "Soundcheck" and "Sex and Satan" (honestly, "Sex and Satan" is not important at all but its just nice to look at the boobs).

There's an article entitle "Headhunting in the Nineties", complete with interview with a (real human) headcollector.

About reviews in this mag, if I count it right only 3 stuff being reviewed (how can people count it wrong?)

Despite the changes, I'm looking forward for the next issue. Its the content that really matters. Take a look at the cover story, Satyricon. It is very long and interesting chat and the same goes for the rest of the bands and people interviewed here.

And ofcourse, 80 pages printed on thick paper which mean this is a heavy mag and will cost some extra money for a copy due to the postage.


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