Thursday, September 16, 2010

Burning Abyss #6 (2008)

Burning Abyss #6 (2008)
56 page, A4, pro-print, English

Underdark, Mandatory, Bloodwritten, Panzerfaust Zine, Apocalyptic Visions, Throneum, Dead Congregation, Death Breath, Nomad, Manticore, Vulcano, Inseminator, Repossession, Afgrund

I saw the flyers for this issue. The urge to buy this zine growing bigger day by day. Fortunately some copies are available from Domain Zine distro and bought a copy. A very good issue in terms of presentation & and the content. Layout is very professional made by Wisdemon (, not a single page have white background. Add that with the good content, then you have a great zine! Logo created by Szpajdel.

Maciek (the editor) is assisted by some writers (Hydrant, and also Sascha of Germany's Mandatory). As said by the Maciek, #6 is using different format and language. I'm guessing the previous issues is a xerox/photocopied-type of zine and is written in Polish. A wise change I must say. Maciek's english is much better than me and certainly not in the "kamikaze english" style hehe.

Most bands featured here are Polish bands (either the interviews or the reviews) which is great for us to discover and learn more on Polish metal scene.

Some columns which I think a regular feature in this zine: "News from the Abyss" (news section, ofcourse), "Reviews from the Abyss" (Audio reviews in alphabetical order, separated to two parts. Second part for stuff start with the letter M), "Burning Classics" (review for late 80's to mid 90's stuff) and "Burn Metal Press" (zine review)

My copy is hand numbered 399/500 but I think already sold-out by now.



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