Monday, September 20, 2010

Short, Fast + Loud #20 (2008)

Short, Fast + Loud #20 (2008)
88 pages, full size, pro-printed, English

Mind Of Asian, Flag of Democracy, ANS

I got hooked up with this mag because the local distro selling it says this is thrash zine. Only later after ordering the zine I got to know mag covers mostly 'non-commercial' hardcore/punk/grind.

Layout are OK but I dont like this kind of 'newspaper' printing. It will make your hands dirty after you finish reading.

The features of this zine:
Section "Gimme 5" where in this issue they asked 5 "toughest punks who could kick most ass",
12 page section called "Column", features articles of various topics and

there are reviews that cover noise stuff, demo (named as "Mosh of Ass"), other audio stuff (EP, CD, etc). Although its punk/hc zine, you see some BM stuff reviewed and some BM stuff being advertised here.

And after all that sections, come the interviews. Not the typical sequence you would normally see because most zine/mag put the reviews after the interviews.

But only 3 interviews? Is the interviews very long and indepth? Not really because Mind of Asian interviews are very short but that could be language problem.

Beside the reviews, other thing that make this zine 88-pages thick is the 20 page of advertisement. There's good and bad of this (lots of pages on ads). I think its good to see all those flyer and front cover artwork in pro-print but if you ordered this zine from outside USA, the postage price will be a problem at least for poor people like me haha.

This zine is released by Six Weeks Records. You can check out the cool stuffs released by this label beside info on past and present issue of this zine.

225 Lincoln ave.
U.S.A. 94931



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