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Morbid Tales #6 (2009)

Morbid Tales #6 (2009)
107 page, full size, pro-print, English

Soothsayer, Elixir, Sacred Blade, Darkthrone, Pagan Altar, Metalian, Inepsy, Morne, Flower Travellin' Band, Trop Feross, Master's Hammer, Faustcoven, The Lamp of Thoth, Cauldron, Portrait, Voivod

One of the zine which I look forward to have because of many good words about the zine but I waited too long so the get sold out from the editor (1000 copies printed!). I manage to get a copy from a distro but at extra $. Not much to say on the layout or the visual aspect of the zine. Look very old-school and professional at the same time. The page numbered and have table of content. Mostly the layout is 3 column per page with some page have frame artwork. The font type really give the ancient look, very "old-school" feeling (add that with interviews with old bands). Excellent job on the visual aspect.

Same goes with the interviews, good and interesting chat. "Special feature" for Darkthrone is good too (with covers from demo till present release) as well as non-music question being asked. About reviews, reviews are not rated, some have artwork cover but mostly have band's logo on the reviews. "Under The Blade" is the section called for audio stuff (CD,LP, EP) and ofcourse, there's also reviews on fanzine & demo. Beside the usual interview/review, there's also section called "Metal Tourist Guide" which feature metal store or pub to go on your vacation. In this issue you have info about London, Prague, France and Montreal. Another interesting read is the 2 pages by Orlok (Countess), his tour memory with Barathrum/Sabbat.

In addition of metal music, flip upside down and start from the back there's another extra 13 page Hell Bent for Cooking "cookzine". This is another reason I wanted to have this zine. Not that I like cooking but "cookzine" + metalzine do not sound normal for me. So members of Goat Horn, Desolation of Angel, Barbatos, Toxic Holocaust, Countess, Ogre, Master, Anvil, Killers, The Gates of Slumber, Impaler, Elixir, warpig, Nailgunner, Debris Inc., The Lamb of Thoth, Gravewurm, Dan Beehler (ex-Exciter), Reverend Bizarre, Holocausto and Pilediver (have I miss any name??) shared some of their recipe. Ofcourse, the name of some of the meal have been "metalized" such as Macaroni Against Monotheism for example. Quite hillarious, looking at the 'chef' and the meal. The last page have some info about the bands contributed for the cookzine. If there's issue #7, would be interesting to know what Shyaithan of Impiety would want us to cook.

Some note from the editorial page, the editor (Annick) will change address. Editor also mention #6 will be the last issue or have a long break before #7 is out, to concentrate on other projects and band, Cauchemar. You already know she a cookbook out, right?

Annick Giroux



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