Thursday, July 21, 2011

Morbid Tales #1 (April 2005)

Morbid Tales #1 (April 2005)
40 pg, A5, xerox, English

Impaler, Sabbat, Blasphemy

After I published the review for #6, I noticed the back issues are still available. I bought right away this "Megapack" of 5 issues from The Basar North America. The decision to get older issues is to check whether it’s justified to end the zine at #6. If you want to end something, you must make the final output as great as you can then you can die happily! Like Morbid Tales, #6 is best compared with the older issues on many things. This issue was made in cut n paste style and very dark zine (print/xerox quality are too dark but you can still read it). The editorial and gig reports are hand-written. At the edge of the paper, some sentences can’t be read in full because some words are missing. It will take hours to make that Impaler interview and also reading it because the answer was cut n paste line by line and they are not all in straight line (I need to be focused here). The pages are numbered but no table of content. Album reviews are rated with 80's stuffs compiled in 1 section. No zine review but there is review of metal shops called "Morbid Guide for Music Shops", mostly in Ontaria. There are cartoons and some caption on the pictures which is funny to read. This is a 40 pages issue, looks thick but you can finish this in few minutes.

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