Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gallery Of Grostesque #5 (2009)

Gallery Of Grostesque #5 (2009)
220 pg, 8.5"x 11", pro-printed, English

Acheron, Destruktor, Black Witchery, Satanic Skinhead Propaganda, Nyogthaeblisz, Nuclear War Now!, Maija, Scythian, Forgotten Woods, Velvet Cacoon, Full Moon Prod., Nightbringer, Perversor, Ignivomous, Dead Congregation, Deiphago, Oaken Throne Zine, Black Majesty, Ares Kingdom, Crimson Moon, Goatlord, Malidicere, Profanatica, Roba el-Khaliyeh, Wolfhetan, Ajna Offensive

Thanks to Afterlife Prod. for distributing this zine. This thick and heavy publication will cost a lot if buying it directly from USA. No table of content and no page number. Because it is too thick I don’t want to count (like I usually do for any normal zine) how many pages available here. Info that I got from the web says this zine consist of 220 pages! This zine is named as 'tour' instead of 'issue'. The last 'tour' was made 5 years ago. Is the thickness of this issue caused by 5 years of material, some of you might ask? Well, the thickness of this issue is partly contributed by the large font size. That's the negative part of this issue. The pictures are big too but that's OK for me. I like a lot the black background colour on every page! There's no introduction before the interview. The questions and answer are good. Not all are bands being interviewed as you have noticed. Probably the one you didn’t know, Maija is a writer and in here there are some article (Eleven Decadent Hours of Suffering) and drawings made by her. There are only 5 pages on review. All of them are music CDs that are not arranged in alphabetical order and not rated. Additional info you might be interested to know is about "The Four". Like if Slayer Mag have Arne Bab, this zine have "The Four" that consist of 1 underage girl and 3 brutal and some sad-faced animals (or monster, whatever).

This issue is printed and distributed by Hell's Headbangers Records (HHR). If you still dont know, HHR produced lots of great music releases. I guess you can assume the same quality can be expected with this issue. My purchase of this issue comes with free HHR CD.


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