Thursday, July 21, 2011

Domain #4 (2008)

Domain #4 (2008)
72 pg, A4, xerox, English

Weapon, Witchhammer/Infernal Demon, Sabbat, Sickness666, Abigail, Eternal Oath, Legion of Death, Infernal Execrator, Ironfist, Hayagriva

This issue is entitled as "The Witches Rune" already sold out long time ago. A friend of mine gave this photocopied copy. Not really a good copy as you can see from the pictures above. Some parts can't be seen clearly. It was not stapled too so I had to write the page number to avoid myself getting confuse. Anyway, I'm sure the actual copy is better than this. Very good cover & frame artwork by Sickness666, as always. No page number but have table of content. Here you will have some interesting interviews and very a long one with Sabbat that includes their discography and the front covers! Syaiful normally puts discography after the interview ends. And you can also see Hayagriva without corpse-paint, cute! There are 'caption' on the pictures so it’s nice (and funny!) to read them. On the layout, as usual he use frame art and with 2 columns per page for the interview while on the review page is made in cut n paste style.

Reviews are not rated and not in alphabetical order. Some have picture of the bands instead of putting front cover or band's logo. The reviews are separated to different section; "Past, Present...Forever" (vinyl?), "Face of Darkness" (demo), "Alliance to The Powerthrone" (album/CD). Too many Desaster, eh? Here's another column, an article called "Infernal Voices", an article on a cannible from Japan, with some 'eye-candy' there. Last but not least, a gig review (Sabbat in Singapore).The next 2 issues will be special issues so bands & labels are discouraged to send promo. We now know #5 is Desaster Tribute issue and #6 is out already without any review section.

The original copy is hand-numbered 165/300 and thanks again for giving me a copy of this.

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