Monday, August 16, 2010

Domain #5 (2009)

68 page, A4, xerox

Desaster, Evilord

This might be my shortest review. And you might assumed that is because it only contain 2 bands? But how come 68 pages? OK then, this issue is DESASTER TRIBUTE ISSUE and Syaiful have made a great tribute issue in the underground metal scene. He make the effort of interviewing the band members (past and present!) and also members of Hellbanger Moselfranken (short question asked about their view on Desaster). There are too many people interviewed here and I'm lazy to write them down. There's lots of photos & flyers as well as the band discography (and photos of that as well). There are also lots of photo and flyers of Desaster. This is my second issue of Domain. My first one was their debut issue release years ago. Back then, it was all xerox. But in this issue, the front cover are hard printed paper while the content are xerored. Xerox quality is good, I wish the print quality of the picture can be made better. Limited release of 300 copies, the first 50 copies comes with Evilord's MCDr + DVD of Desaster (Headbangers Open Air) and Desaster patch. My copy is hand-numbered 129 so I missed those goodies except for the patch.

M. Syaiful
Blk 670A #17-503
Choa Chu Kang Crescent
Singapore 681670


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