Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cranial Impalement #1 (2001)

Cranial Impalement #1 (2001)
24 pg, A5, xerox, Italian/English

Brodequine, Cripple Bastards

Bought a 'pre-owned' (new term I discovered recently to replace the word 'second-hand'). Just curious to see how the zine looks like and add to BsV archive.

The zine is written in English & Italian. The editorial is made in 2 language (Italian/English). No page number and no table of content. Very basic computer layout. There are some flyers to fill up the page. The questions are 'simple and easy' type. Xerox quality can be made better. 

The reviews are short and they are rated. They cover music reviews (plenty of them!) but didn't mention the format. From the stuff reviewed, the zine support brutal death/gore/grind scene. Well, you can already guess that from the name of the zine too.

The fuck off list includes Heavy Metal music (maybe because of the normal vocals?) along with priest and religion.

Not sure the email still working or not. If you know any info on the zine, leave your comment here.

analstench at libero dot it

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