Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bonecrunch #3 (2000)

Bonecrunch #3 (2000)
36 pg, A4, xerox, English

Nile, Cenotaph, Bones Brigade, Prophecy, Regurgitation, Flatulation, Razorback Records, Anticipate, Cerebral Turbulency

Another 'pre-owned' zine I gladly add to BsV archive. There is contact address in here but I can't read it. Not sure the origin of this zine.

The zine is not stapled. There are some layout with white text on white background or black text on dark background making them hard to read. No page number and no table of content. Layout is a bit messy but after a while I can deal with it. Not much pictures is used here. The layout on the review section is better. The printing of the mastercopy and the xerox quality can be made better.

The interviews are good. The review section only cover music format (separated by formats; album, 7" and demo). They are not rated and not alphabetically arranged.

One of the interesting read here is the article on rip off, named as "Rip Off Denunciation Department". Among the dishonored cunts here is a place called "Le Crockmore" in France which ripping off bands performing there. This is new for me. Usually rip-off section only list label, bands etc which didn't send the stuff we order or trade but here they widen the scope of rip-off.

Some info missing for me to update here is the zine contact address. Anyone having this info, do contact me.

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