Saturday, January 31, 2015

Turbulence #2 (2014)

Turbulence #2 (2014)
36 pg, A5, xerox, Malay

A bit thicker compare with #1 and having colored cover. #2 continues with how Samad and Joe become friends. The Drug King already instructed Joe to be killed. I didn't mention in my previous review that Joe owes huge sum of money to the Drug King. The band still rehearsing. The cartoonist also draws the logo of the band being covered by Turbulence in their rehearsal! This issue ends with the band arrive at the gig venue before the gig start. This issue has this 'sad feeling' after knowing Joe might die from the fight after reading the part at the mamak stall and after the motocross racing. I thought the fighting will happen in #2. I imagine a fighting scene with no gun shooting but just fist fight, swords and knife like those in Young and Dangerous movie (a Hong Kong movie on Chinese mafia).

About the layout and the rest, the same like I mentioned in Turbulence #1.

#3 please...

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