Saturday, May 31, 2014

Anvil #2 (2004)

Anvil #2 (2004)
84 pg, A4, pro-print, English

Probot, Dimmu Borgir, Cannible Corpse, Devil Driver, Deicide, Ravenous, E-Force, Horned God, Killaman, Macabre, Necrodeath, Serial Butcher

I bought second-hand copies of issue #2, #3 and #4 from a Sabahan metal head in facebook. The front cover is too cool for not to be featured in here.

The official website link is no longer valid. Beside knowing this magazine is formerly known (or made by the same people) as Sound Of Death magazine or better known as S.O.D Magazine but still curious to know why creating a new one.

Anyway, the layout, the style of interview and reviews are just like SOD Magazine except (if I remember it right) this magazine is in color. The reviews are rated with skull, David Horn still starts his questions with "Tell me...", wickedly priced at $6.66 and ofcourse comes with free CD. There is a full page Konqueror Records advertisement here. I wonder whether this is Singaporean label still exist.

Not much to say about this "The Unholy Bible of Extreme Metal" really if you are familiar with SOD Mag. The interviews differ from each contributor. This magazine do looks great with lots of blood red pages like that Ravenous picture but I think need a bit of creativity in layout.

The next reviews will be a lot shorter since I don’t see any obvious changes from each issue.


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