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Hellfukking Metal #2 (Dec. 2010)

Hellfukking Metal #2 (Dec. 2010)

60 pg, A4, xerox, English

Bohemian Grove, Anal Vomit, Nekromantheon, Black Crucifixion, Grave Miasma, Morbid Gods, Heptameron, Cruel Force, Omega, Abhorrot, Almighty Sathanas, Darkthrone, Death Invoker, Mockery, Hades Archer

This is the first zine where the editor contacted me only asked me to pay only the postage. I am truly honored! I will never ask for 'promo copies'. I made a zine before in early 2000 and know the cost of making it (including sending 'complimentary copies' to the bands and labels that send in promo) is very high. I burnt out at issue #3. Anyway, let’s get back to this zine.

I like a lot 'A3 folded into two' (that makes it as A4 size) like this. Some say this will cost more but it easy to flip through the pages and looks a little bit 'professional' feel like those magazine. There is no page number but have table of content. The layout is in cut ‘n paste style with good xerox quality. The layout on review section looks dull but has cover or artwork to offset the lack of graphic in this section. If can do it with simple black background will be a lot better (like Best of... column) but then it might increase the price because of heavy toner usage.

Quite a few of the bands interviewed are from Greece which is good. In the interviews, the editor puts the band's discography at the end of the interview. Beside the usual questions, all the bands with have another additional (and the same) 13 questions like 'the best album, best cover, etc. Some bands answer it lengthily and I guess these bands are the one really worth for us to check. Boring answer can be boring music sometimes.

The review (demo, EPs, full-length and zine) are not rated and not alphabetically arranged and these review will be accompanied by the band's logo or front cover.

There is also column for "Best of 2000-2009" (with front cover) which is a review section separated by the genre. We usually see a lot '80 stuffs tribute so this is quite interesting idea. So I hope we can see best of 2010-2019 in 2020.

Also interesting to mention this is the first time I see the word 'cyberground' (I'm sure you know what it means) which I think I will start using it after this.

This is still available (in 2013) for sale for 10$ including postage worldwide.

c/o Deathexecutioner

dynamite_prod a yahoo.gr

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