Monday, April 15, 2013

Hellfukking Metal Fanzine

Received the flyers via email weeks ago. Contact the email below to get copies of this zine. Support!

Issue #2:
Abhorrot, Cruel Force, Nekromantheon, Anal Vomit, Death Invoker, Mockery, Bohemian Grove, Morbid Gods, Darkthrone, Almighty Sathanas, Grave Miasma, Black Crucifixion, Heptameron, Omega, Hades Archer

Issue #3:
Sadokist, Communion, Assassin, Midnight, Veinen, Black Feast, Destroyer666, Crucifixxx Sodomy, Assassin, Midnight, Ocean Of Zero, Black Grail, Slaughtered Priest, Bone Sickness and many more.

For price, trade, wholesale, etc contact the address below:

HFM Fanzine,
P.O.Box 18405,
54003 Thessaloniki,


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