Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crypt of Eternity #4 (2010)

Crypt of Eternity #4 (2010)

96 pg, half-size, pro-printed, English

Imprecation, Vasaeleth, Father Befouled, Grave Miasma, Deteriot, Cruciamentum, Anatomia, Necrovarous, Stench Of Decay, Coffin Text, Shub Niggurath, Infinitum Obscure, Ominous Crucifix, Nocturnal Vomit, Demonic Rage, Disma, Cardiac Arrest, Decrepitaph

Astur, Inside Hatred

The fourth issue of this ungodly death metal zine. They maintain the same layout and the style like the previous issues. No complain at all on the content. It's double the madness in #4 (very thick issue!!). Just another excellent issue I would say. Only a small dissatisfaction because the interviews and the answers are not clearly differentiated, it looks like a very long question. But after a while you'll get use to it. I hope I can see some Malaysian band here in the near future.

Reviews cover CD, demo and vinyl (not rated but alphabetically arranged) and all done by Ricardo (the editor) and the writers; Victor Miranda & Xabier Sanchez.

The zine ended with an outro that includes some recommendation of other good zine for us to check. I list them out here because I will use this posting to check out them out soon: Noise and Shit, Putrescence, Necrosis, Revelations From The Abyss, Satanic Malediction, Painless, Revelations of Doom (S.America), and Chants of The Atomic Genocide. And these zine also listed but I already know but just in case you want to know: Bestial Noise, Call To The Infernal Horde, Black Plague666, Prayer Book, Deadly Illness, Eternal Fire, Temple Of Adoration and The Sinister Flame.

Later I got contacted by Andres Rhor of Cobra (layout artist for this zine) and traded some stuff. Cool!!

From one of the interview, I now know people now are trading zine in pdf. This is new for me. Never thought we can do this. Please don't ask me. I don't have time to scan every pages of the zine. Or maybe I should before I trade the zine? Argh! I'll teach my kid to use the scanner then.

The new issue already out (and sold out from the editor) and now searching for mailorder that have a copy of issue #5.

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