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Morbid Noise #8 (2003)

Morbid Noise #8 (2003)
48 pg, pro-print, Indonesian

Traumatism, Inhumate, Gods Of Emptiness, Pyamia, Vrykolakas, Bastard Saints, Atavism, My Self Am Hell, Mental Abberation, Dalmation Records, Gerilyawati Bawah Tanah

The first issue was released as xerox format zine in 1997. Then it became a monthly publication. That is what the ambition initially but magazine ceased to exist since 2006 (at issue #11). I got few issues from a trade. Some info that I know if not mistaken, the editor is a member of the death metal band TRAUMA, the Indonesian one ofcourse and also run a label called Morbid Noise Production. The band and the label still exist active.

The layout of the magazine is simple; 3 columns per page for the interviews but the size of the fonts are quite big. There are some obvious typo error which is hard to ignore since it is written big at top of the page. The review section have much better layout as you can see from the picture above.

About the content, every thing are 'morbid' here;
Morbid Profile (band bio. There are plenty of them here),
Morbid Classic (article on classic albums),
Morbid News (also a lot of news. As oppose to most mag/zine which put the news at front pages, they put it at the back),
articles (Music Extrim Untuk Berpola Fikir Maju),
cartoons and some advise ('Stop Terrorism', 'Stop Racism', etc). Beside Morbid News, there are also "Flash News" whereever there are empty spaces in the magazine.
The review section only covered CD format and zine only. The reviews are not arranged in alphabetical order and not rated.

There is also a section for female in underground called 'Morbid Angel'. In this issue only have one interview with a lady named Titie. I'm not being a sexist here but honestly, it is not important to have this section in the magazine.

They also give free full color poster & (bands circa mid to late 90's). It is also mentioned in the magazine from issue 9 onwards will come with a CD sampler.

The language use is understandable for a Malay like me unlike Arus Bawah. It's great to have this kind of professional magazine covering the local extreme metal scene.

There are some infos available from Morbid Noise Facebook page. Check it out the photo album:
If you can't access this, try searching for Morbid Noise Production in Facebook.

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