Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sangwitok #10 (2012)

Sangwitok #10 (2012)
96pg, A5, xerox, English

Singhasari, Vinterblot, Thy Fallen Kingdom, Thirsty Blood, Tahdiyatul Arwah, Jane Dark, Crown Ov Hornd, Viniir, The Ancient War, Zuriats

Emathor, Zora, Nechbeyth, Ifrid, Hell United, Suicidal, Hellstorm

The zine keep it's 'tradition' (layout, small font size, interview style, etc) just like the previous issues (read our previous reviews. Check out our archive). It's like 'love it' or 'hate it' situation. I like this zine. The editor always got some humor in his writing which does not mix well with some metalhead (I saw bad review about this in some zine). I also like the creative way of doing the frame artwork in this issue by using only band logo and keep on repeating it around the edge of the paper. This issue supposed to be a 'Viking tribute' issue but due to lot's of 'Viking metal' bands didn't reply, so you will only have an article on Viking and some interviews. The content beside interview/reviews includes Infometal (metal news section), gig review (1 contributed by Morbid Devastator of Death Invoker), flyers, obscene comics and artworks (made by Gurathitam Art/ Raynard Stevens).

About the reviews, they are scattered everywhere in the zine but have separate section for zine review. The reviews are not rated and too long sometimes. Some interviews and bio with Malaysian and Indonesian bands are written in Malay. How about the review of previous issues? Actually, the editor starts the zine with this review, or better said, article on all his issues with the front cover (and back cover too? Or maybe some issue made with different front covers? Whatever it is, they are all good artwork!). Why is that, you might ask? Because #10 is their final issue! Sad isn't it? Well, at least for me.

And to give this final issue a 'kick in the ass' is the "Fuck Off" list; the list of bands that didn't reply the interview nicely arranged in 5 pages complete with the band's picture and logo. That is waste of effort, not just the making the interviews but also making the graphics for this list. Some of the bands are a bit 'mainstream' for me. This is probably because I read too much Terrorizer & Metal Hammer (you can check out my facebook page where I sell those used mag at cheap price).

Nothing else to add. I wish the editor have a happy life. Thanks for the contribution to the scene!

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