Sunday, January 1, 2012

Burning Abyss 'zine #7 out now!!!

Info received via email. Will definitely get a copy! Support your local distro!!
- Iskar

The Death Metal feast is about to begin! On the menu you’ll find: Thomas Skogsberg of Sunlight Studios vs. Dan Swanö of Unisound Studio/ex-Edge Of Sanity/ex-Bloodbath etc. (Sweden), Inferno of Behemoth/Azarath/Witchmaster/Deus Mortem/Christ Agony (Poland), Mortem (Peru), a massive 6-page interview with Nominon (Sweden), Weapon (Canada), Reyash of Supreme Lord/Witchmaster/Christ Agony/ex-Vader/ex-Incantation/ex-Union (Poland), Necromaniac fanzine (Germany), Runemagick (Sweden), Blasphemy Rites (Poland), Agnes Vein (Greece) plus Canada’s VoiVod 4-page special, 300+ reviews (!!!) of CDs, demos, vinyls, ‘zines, and Classic Death Metal albums as well as a few live reports, TOP 5 playlists, and Excerpts From The Abyss.

All this on 72 A4 professionally printed pages, written entirely in English.

Price: PLN13,66 ( Poland ), €7 ( Europe ), $9 (World) – registered postage included!
Send money via PayPal to b_abyss[a]interia[.]pl or look for this issue at some good mail orders.

Distributed by:
USA: Nuclear War Now!, Deathgasm, Paragon, Hells Headbangers
EUROPE: Pagan (Pol), Nuclear Winter (Gre), Old Temple (Pol), Agonia (Pol), Witching Hour (Pol), Legion Of Death (Fra), Detest (Bel), Bestial Invasion (Irl), Hellthrasher (Pol), SelfMadeGod (Pol), Iron Bonehead (Ger), Nihilistic Holocaust (Fra), Northern Heritage (Fin), Grom (Srb), Brewery distro (Pol)
ASIA: Afterlife ( Malaysia ), Virus ( Malaysia )
CENTRAL AMERICA: Blazing Obscurities ( Costa Rica )
SOUTH AMERICA: Rawblackult ( Bolivia )
Distributors – get in touch!

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