Friday, June 25, 2010

Evil's Best #3 (2009)

100 page, A5, xerox, English

Darkthrone, Dawn of Wolves, Bloodsoul, Beerage, High Spirits, Infernal Assault, Warhammer, Nocturnal, Children of Technology, Abazagorath, Heretic, Iron Kobra, Riotor, Death Invoker, Atomic Agressor

Issue #2 was made available again together with #3 so I ordered both issues. Looking at the new issue, the editor maintain almost all the things I said for the previous issue. Good chat I must say, again! Only things that changes is less picture is presented here, although the reviews still have the front cover. If you just flipping through the zine, you will think its have a very long interview but it is not. Reason is band's picture or logos are made as the background for the interview so you see no break between one interview to another. Some interviews still have some pictures tough. So dont worry, your eyes will not get tired looking at text only. One thing I forgot to mention in my previous review. The reviews, it written there the formats available of that release but the editor didnt mention whether he is reviewing CD version or LP version of that release (you know, some format got extra song and such). I dont know other English-written zine from this land and currently this zine is the best so far. Probably hard for other to beat. I still wondering about the Israeli bands mention in issue #2. Do they really make "fake" releases???

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  1. We were in this magazine! heres one of our review for our demo back in 2008!