Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sangwitok #7 (2009)

48 pg, A5, xerox, English

Bereavement, Mord, Nibelheim, Death Invoker, Soul Devour, Shamanthra, Prayer of the Dying, Wishmaster, Ulterior Decimation, Kratornas, His Name In Vain, Incisor, Hereafter

I like packed zine like this. The font are small (but readable) and no space wastage. There's a lot to read in the 48 pages. The zine starts with editorial which the editor wrote about politics in the state where the zine is from, Perak. Interesting! If you have issue #6, the layout is similar like previous issue and improvement on the good xerox quality (even when using background image or dark color background, still can read the text clearly). Well done on that aspect. Again, you can find artwork by Imperial Art, Fatamorgana Art, Other Dimension Design and Nurhidaya. News are plenty and they are not placed on the earlier pages of the zine like normal zine, but also in between the interview Band A and Band B. The pages are numbered but no table of content. Reviews (most have front cover as well) are not divided to specific section. All formats (CD, demo, etc) are place together and not in alphabetical order. And like the news sections, you can find reviews in between the interviews. Eh? Its sound like I copied the review of issue #6 haha. It seems, not much have change. Interview questions are not just on music but on various topic, some are quite hillaroious for me. The editor put the band bio as well, a good way beside asking the band their bio in the interview. He still dont give a f**k of what people said, still review his previous issue, and I like this style. Some negative aspect I found for this issue (probably just me that have the problem haha) is pictures are sometime too small but still OK I guess if compared on Necroscope which you hardly find any pictures at all. Some arrangement of the pictures, can be misleading if not you did not read the text entirely. For example picture of Natrah (local BM band, the name sounds like a Malay girl name??) at Virus Zine review. The zine is hand-numbered, mine #52. New issue already out by the way. Apologies for taking too much time to upload this review.

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